Day five

I did not over sleep today, so therefore I do go to Oslo.
Did a few things that I have not done in Oslo before. Not that it hard, because normally I do shop.

So as I walk down Karl Johans gate (the shopping street) I looked up to the Castle, it dawned on me that I have never been up there.
Don’t really know why I have not been up there before.
And that just had to change.

So I walked up there and walked a bit around the park (slottsparken).


Afterwards I walked around a bit and ended up outside Nasjonalgalleriet. So since I never been I walked in and looked Hanne Ryggen, Weaving the wold.
It was amazing. I mean she was amazing. Not only did she weave pictures, but she med her own treads and colored them as well.
She weaved pictures of “friends and family” before she started to weav things that happened around her and in the wold in general.

Hanne Ryggen was an amazing woman.


After I was finished there, well then it was shopping time.
I got a few Christmas present out of the way, but what I’m most excited about is that I finally did get The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palett.
So excited about that.

Now I’m home and is watching The Big Bang Theory season eigth.

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!



Day four

I was supposed to go to Oslo, but I first overslept and after that I was just so slow to start my day. Therefore did I decided to do it on Friday instead.

So I have not been doing anything special at all today.

I have relaxing and doing stuff around the house.

Maybe your day was more exciting than mine?


SongeBob at Tusenfryd

So I was at Tusenfryd an Amusement Park out side of Oslo here in Norway. We was there this Saturday, we being ten people of random family and relatives ten people in total. We try to do this kind of things sometimes.

So I was taking some picture of my cousin and his little cute kid at the Paris wheel. So cute.


Suddenly I hear  none other the SongeBob Squarpants. Right behind the Paris wheel its a stage, so I just had to see this.

Film a little of it for you to see. Not the best quality, and the lyrics are in norwegian, but anyway here it is.

Lady’s and gentleman heres SpongeBods Squarepants


Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.


*A huge to you from me!*


Did you know that I hate packing. I HATE IT!

It`s kind of weird that one of the Things i LOVE is traveling and what does traveling leads to, well packing. Packing that dame suitcase.

So now the clock is 2:30 AM her and I have to be in my car at 09:00 AM, and there is like Three Things in my suitcase right now. That means that in lees then six and a half hour I have to be done packing, have slept and showered and get ready for the day to come.

The worst part is that I would not have been this bad of it`s had it not been for my shopping trip to Nordby, Sweden.

I had to go there to shop because it`s was a holiday her in Norway and not one shop was open. I could have planed better, but if you know me you would now that planing is not one of my strong Points.

I did say I did some shopping right just look here:

Been doing some #shopping to day. #Nordby #glitter

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Therefor am I here bitching, when I should ether be packing or sleeping.

I just had to get this of my chest and I` m now going to sleep so good night.

 *Sending my love Your way*



Kiel, Germany.

Friday I`m going to Kiel, Germany. We`re seven friends that`s going, we are going on a two days cruse. It`s the Third time we`re doing it together. Or sins me and two of my best friends started the tradition.

We only have like four hours in Kiel, but you can do a lot of shopping in four hours.

Picture from last years trip. Amd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.

Picture from last years trip. nd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.



So this is my weekends plans.

What are Your weekend plan?


*Sending you my love*

In the air

Love is in the air!

No just kidding, but I’m in the air and that’s not a joke.
Right now am I and the group I have been traveling with on the air plain on the way home to Norway. After having three lovely days in Krakow Poland.


We have had serious time and fun time, shopping time and sightseeing time.

We have done it all. I have not seen all of Krakow, because it’s so much to see but I have seen some. And if the pictures are ok, well then some of them will be seen here.

I really want to go bake to Krakow with some friends or something and see more of this city.


I’m still in the air and having fun. Got to love it.



Pictures from my trip to the Parliament Building

I have a camera and a phone with camera, but I´m never any good at using ether of them. It´s not that I don´t have ether of them with me, because I always have my phone with me and the camera are always in my purse. So if I have my purse, well then I have to things that can take pictures. B

But I dont use them. So there is not many pictures from this trip, but there is some. And well I want to share them.



A trip to the Parliament

This is the second time in a little under a year that I´m invited to a trip to the Parliament in Norway. So yet again am I going. Last time was december last year. That trip cut a little short, not because of anything that happened in the Parliament at the time. No it was cut a little short because the bus was late. That was the first day a mount of snow fall last year. I really hope that don´t happens this year. Both the trip being cut short and that part about the snow. It´s more then enough that it´s so cold at night that I have to scrape ice of the car when I was going home from work last week.

I mean come on we had a crappy summer weather, and then the winter weather has to start in september. Not fair!


But enough about that.

So I´m going to Oslo and then to the Parliament. There are we going to get something to eat and listen to the politicians from the county I live in. They will probably tell what they do and go in to some of the causes they work on. Last time did we also get a visit from the former Justice Minister, Knut Storberget. Maybe there will be a “surprise” visit this time to.

After all that talk, we will get a little tour around in side the Parliament building.


Now I´m going to pack my work out bag, and after a good work out  will it not be long before I´m on  my way to Oslo.


Ending of a day

A few days ago was I in Oslo, and we ended the day in Vigeland Park (Frogner Park). It´s a nice place to relax and look at all the sculptures. I have not been in that park in over teen years. I used to be there at list once a year when I was younger, so it was nice to be back there.

Just have a look at this pictures and this is just from a few small places of the park.

I hope you see why I love this place.
All I have to say is that going there was a nice ending of a perfect day with my friends.