Day five

I did not over sleep today, so therefore I do go to Oslo.
Did a few things that I have not done in Oslo before. Not that it hard, because normally I do shop.

So as I walk down Karl Johans gate (the shopping street) I looked up to the Castle, it dawned on me that I have never been up there.
Don’t really know why I have not been up there before.
And that just had to change.

So I walked up there and walked a bit around the park (slottsparken).


Afterwards I walked around a bit and ended up outside Nasjonalgalleriet. So since I never been I walked in and looked Hanne Ryggen, Weaving the wold.
It was amazing. I mean she was amazing. Not only did she weave pictures, but she med her own treads and colored them as well.
She weaved pictures of “friends and family” before she started to weav things that happened around her and in the wold in general.

Hanne Ryggen was an amazing woman.


After I was finished there, well then it was shopping time.
I got a few Christmas present out of the way, but what I’m most excited about is that I finally did get The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palett.
So excited about that.

Now I’m home and is watching The Big Bang Theory season eigth.

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!




Right now I’m in Cork, Ireland.

Right now i’m getting ready for bed after a wounderful day. Started with a conference, got a great lunch. I had the fish and chips, at one of the bar’s here. It was so much food that I did not eat it all.

After lunch we had a little bit of time to do some shopping.

We did go to Penneys, and this is the result.


So was it back to the conference. Before it was time for dinner. All I have to say about that is Oh My God

The food was just perfact.
Ther is just one little problem,  it was to much. I’m stiller full.

So now I’m going to sleep, and tomorrow (or today because it’s pasta midnight).

Oh two more things.

Hehe is the view from my hotel room.


I’m updating alot on Instagram, som fallow me over there and getting the updating.
My name is the same over there as it is here; Siwisnuppa.

But now it’s time for sleep. Continue reading

On my way home again

After four hours in Kiel are we back on the cruse again.
I have done a little shopping and of once I did not shop much, but there is still the Tax-Free one the cruse left. So maybe I will shop there to day.

The food last night was good and someone borrowed my phone to take a picture of some of the deserts.


We also have a view this time around. Loving that.


And sines I’m on a cruse the view changes all the time.

But now I have to get back to my friends so enjoy your day, I know I will enjoy mine.

* Sending my love you way*

Three days

Three days is nothing, and three days with the traveling is even lesser.

Three days is what I will have in London, this time around. THREE DAYS.
That is absolutely nothin, nothing I tell you.

I have been in London before, but there is still so much to see, so much to do. And therefor are a lot of my time used to checking out maps, whit what do I want to do this time.

Have will I get to do everything I want to????

The days don’t have enough hours in them, I do not get to do everything, so have do I pick what I want to do now, and what I can do next time. The big problem is that, the more times I’m in London, the more I learn about London. And the more it is so see down there.

So I go from one web page to the other and back and fort to the tube map. That is close, what is fare away, if I do this what is closes to this place and so on and so on.

Luckily is it just a few weeks till I’m going because I changes my mind ten times a day. So luckily I will at list remember where some of the places I want to visit are and that I want get lost.

And I hope I will remember to by the one thing my uncle want for his birthday.


But I LOVE it.

Can’t wait to go. I even have a count down, on my cell and the colander on work. LOL!


Italy! Milan!

Don´t really know what happened. One minute I think am going to Paris, but the next I got plane tickets and a hotel room in Milan.

Not that I´m disappointed that I´m going to Milan, Italy. Because I´m really not. Can´t wait in fact. It´s just that I was so sat on finely getting to see Paris. Maybe next year.

I was all for going to Paris with my sister this summer, but after talking to her and some other people that changed. Summer, sun, big city and shopping was what we suddenly was going for and then Milan was what we ended up with.

The only problem is that I know next to nothing about Milan, because if I was going to Italy I always thought I would go to Rome.

So now I have a hole lot of googling to do. I know that the hotel is not far from Dome, and from what I hear that is a good location. So here’s to hoping that it´s true.

There a little more than a month to I´m packing my bag and passport again.
Truly can’t wait.

So I can´t wait for my first meeting with Italy, but my first meeting with France has to wait.

Have you ever been to Italy?


Christmas is just around the corner.

It´s soon time for the best thing about the winter, Christmas.  

I love all thing Christmascan´t help it.  I have my shopping list for present almost done, and to-day am I going to be a good girl and start my christmas shopping. I have to plan this year sines I´m going to Ireland the first week in december. I would love to do my Christmas shopping there, but sines I only have 10 kilo to have with me on the plain I can’t really do that much shopping. I need my own stuff too.

So I´m doing as much of my Christmas shopping before I go. There is time to do a lot of the shopping after to, but I like to have as much of december free from shopping. That way can I do a lot of home baking. Enjoy my time doing the Christmas three and all the other fun things that are Christmas to me.

As I said Christmas is just around the corner.

I have even started to make my Christmas music list to my iPod and iPhone. Just love it.

So when december comes I´m ready.

There is only one thing that I don´t have done yet and that is buying my self some Christmas movies. I started last year and did then buy a few. This year I want more Christmas movies, but I have a little problem. I don´t really know which one I want. There is so many to pick from. Too many really.  And sins I only a like tree there is a problem picking out just two or three more. So if you have a favorite I would really like to hear which one it is. Maybe that will help me.

But now I´m soon going to start packing my gym bag and go to the gym.



Lip smacker

So I have been shopping to-day as I said in on of my last posts and if you se the tittle of this post you will understand what I bought. LIP SMACKER!

I just love them.


Some of my friends and even my mom says that I shouldn’t bay them.
Because I’m getting older, or because I’m getting older and Lip Smacker are of kids.

Getting older are boring. You can’t do this or that because that’s for kid. But if you have kids you can do it, because of the kids. Kids movies, kids this and kids that.

I go to see kid movies, I do things that are fore kids, it’s just me.
As I said, getting older is boring. So if I do childish thing then maybe I’m not getting older.

But over to the Lip Smacker, did you see them it Disney on them. I just love Disney and that’s another reason to why I just had to get them.

They even had the bigger once and I just love them!
So I had a good day with baying them.


I don’t have a favorite taste, or well I do. I love the Cherry Cola! But I did not bay that on to-day. I have it in the stick , the heart shaped box and in lip gloss to. So yeah that has to be the favorite.

What are your favorite?



So I have picked up my new glasses to-day. Not that to many know that I already have glasses, I’m not to good at using them. Something that’s not good. 😦

But know I have new once and Hopefully will I be better at using them. Crossing my fingers for that at list.

I have also been shopping a little bit, but before I started to us money to-day was I and did a really tuff work-out. So I have not been spending money to-day.
And now I’m of to work. Have a nice weekend everyone.