December 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th

Oh well, the idea was one blogpost each day all the way on till Christmas.
Then maybe I had gotten a better blog rutine, but that did not happen.

On December 5th was it Once upon a time time all day long.

December 6th was a day with friends. I meet up with them in Sarpsborg. We talked, laughed and did all the things bestfriends do after not seeing each other in a long long time.
We meet up on the “new” restaurant Egon and the food was just amazing. For those that knows me, know that I LOVE all thing Christmas. All excited the Christmas dinner.
It’s just to much grace for me.
I’m more of a chicken and fish kind of girl, so instead of a Christmas platter I went for one of there beefs whit bacon rapt around it.
Just one word to describe it; Wonderful!
My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

December 7th did I spend all day with my mom, we did some baking preparation. It going to be a wonderful Christmas weekend next weekend, whit baking and Christmas marked and making home door decorations.
So we did some preparations to that.
Before I went home and then starting working nights.

So December 8th did I just work and sleep away.
Got to love that as well.

The only thing I could have been without is that I’m starting to get sick. My voice is crappie, my trouth is killing me, but what can I do?

Don’t have the time to really become sick, but I’m guessing that everyone have it like that.
Don’t want to be and don’t have the time to be sick.

So hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and start on this week.




Vampire Diaries, and sick

I’m home sick, not much fun in that. But I got Vampire Diaries season 4 in the mail to day, so at list I get to enjoy that.

I love that.


Looking at movies when I’m sick is one of the best thing to do. Well at list it gets the time to go.

what do you “enjoy” to do when your sick?


Have A Fever

So I have a fever, so I’m in my bed with my bottle of water. My iPad is keeping me company, I’m reading a lot today. So maybe I should have a fever often, at list then I get to read.

I hat being sick, and to top it of has one of my best-friends birthday to-day and I can’t even visit her. 😦
That is making me feel like a bad friend. Something that’s not funny.

I had so much planed for to-day, but I guess none of that will happen to-day. Sometimes life sucks. The sun is even shinning to-day, just one more thing that I don’t get to enjoy.

So yeah I have a bit of a suck fest here. Something I really shouldn’t. I have a great life and is one lucky chick really, but I just can’t help it to-day and I feel a little sorry fore myself. it’s not like anyone els feel sorry for me. 😦

But I will stop now, or at list I will stop telling you guys about it.


So I send my love form my bedroom to you where ever you are.
tell me where you are now, maybe that will cheer me up?


summer sucks when….

This summer is raining away and that sucks.

But right now something els is making this summer suck even more

This is what´s on the table next to me. I have a running nose, cough, sore throat and a light fever. Hate being sick when it´s summer. Well to be honest I really hate being sick period and I have been sick a lot lately.
But that’s life, right?


Happy me

So I´m finely getting better, no more sick me. I hope. There for have I colored my hair, that was well over do and I´m treating my face to a home day spa. So right now as I´m wrigthing this is my face full of a white face mask. Some skin-clarifying-face-mask. When that is done it´s my eyes turn.

After that, well then is it time for bed.

So getting well and treating my self right are all that it takes for me to be happy. I´m a girl, I like to treat my self to some small things ones in a wail.


Color me

This is kind of have I felt like today. My mood going up and down, just like everything els.
Everything is kind of swinging from this to that. I hope that it´s because I haven´t gotten on hundred percent from last week fever and so on. But the sad thing is that I don´t think it is. So therefore it´s time to call the doctor to see what she has to say.

I´m going from hot to cold in just seconds and I hate it. The head-aces I can live with, they are not so bad that i have to take pills or a list it has not been that bad this week.

Oh, yeah. This is why I have not really been writing the  last day. I get whiny when I don´t feel well. So I will just go to bed now and stop this “Please feel sorry for me post”. I hate those and I kind of get embarrassed that I´m posting one. So maybe I will take it down tomorrow.

Heres to hoping.


Sick and ice-cream

I´m now at home sick, the feber are just getting higher and higher.
And because of that did my “nurse”  order bed-rest and ice-cream. I may not bee in bed right now, but I´m on the coutes watching Gossip Girl and I am eating ice-cream.

I hate being sick, truly I´m just so sick of not being 100%. The last year it have ether been this or that. Health problems or injure. So hopefully this will be the last thing in a wail.

What do you do when your sick?