Desember 2th.

Between work and more work, there has not been time for much els.

So this has been a kinda boring day, but that’s okay.

But in-between all that work have I had enough time to dream about my upcoming trip to London.


I’m taking my mom to London, just to show her the city I love.
To let my mom meet my one big love.
I can’t wait!

Have a lovely day /night.



London By Me

I can`t wait to travel, as I`m sure you know. Well if you didn`t then you know now.

So I had a little time on my hand a few days ago and made a little video of picture I had taking when I have been in London. A little London by me movie. I posted it on YouTube last night and I want to share it with you. So here it is.

Hope you like it.

*Sending my love your way*

Kiel, Germany.

Friday I`m going to Kiel, Germany. We`re seven friends that`s going, we are going on a two days cruse. It`s the Third time we`re doing it together. Or sins me and two of my best friends started the tradition.

We only have like four hours in Kiel, but you can do a lot of shopping in four hours.

Picture from last years trip. Amd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.

Picture from last years trip. nd yes it me in the middle making that weird face.



So this is my weekends plans.

What are Your weekend plan?


*Sending you my love*

2014, have will you be?


We are now 11 days in to 2014, and the last few years have I by now known about my summer plans. This year I don’t.

All I know right know is some meetings I’m attending the next 30 days or so.

So this is a bit weird!

I know this year will be a bit different.
Different because if things goes as I want them to, well then I will become the secretary in the Union at my work place. Something that I think will be fun and full of surprises and new challenges. And a new challenge is always good.
We just have to wait to the annual meeting, that’s when I ether will be clapped in or maybe someone will go up against me and nominee them self or some one els.

So if it goes that way, well then I will suddenly be sitting at a desk one day in the week.
I have never see my self as the desk girl.

Other than that I can just hope that I will travel as much as I did in 2013, or hopefully more.

I don’t even have to travel fare just around in Norway or across the border to Sweden and a bit around there. Not like Strömstad, because that dose not go under traveling.

So well I hope that my family and friends will be there with me this year as the years before this. I hope that they will be happy and healthy and that everything will be just fantastic when we are together.

So what plans, hope and wishes do you have fore 2014?

So best wishes, may all you hopes and dreams come true this year.

At home

“Borte bra, men hjemme best.”

It´s a saying in Norway, in translate it goes something like this Away is good, but home is better

So I like traveling and I love London, but it’s always good to cone home. And after sleeping a night at my moms couch it’s even better to come home to my own couch and bed.

A like traveling, seeing new places, seeing stuff that I don’t see everyday and it’s not that I miss home when I’m out traveling, but it’s alway good to be home.

My home here in Norway, Østfold, Halden. But this time I had a night in Sarpsborg before I got to Halden.


But now that I’m home I have to do a thing I’m really not a fan of, packing out from the suitcase.
So that is have I’m spending my night, oh who am I kidding, I’m going to put on a film and then go to sleep, the suitcase is not going anywhere.


Why London?


At work yesterday did i get the question on why I was traveling to London again.

My answer was easy. I like London.
Then again did I get the question Why?

This I could not answer as easy, because I dont really know why I do, I just do.
So I have been think about that sines I got home from work and to now. The thing is that I still don’t know. I just like me here, yes Im in London right know. the plain landed for like a hour ago.

I like that you can go to the same place with just a day in-between and there is something different, new or just a little thing that you over looked. I like that its so big, that even thou I go to the same city I find new places to see.

I like have different it is from any city we have at home.

I just feel in love with it the first time I landed in London, and got on a bus to go to Birmingham.

It was for many years a childhood dream to come here and when I fainelly got her I just cant let it go. Its always so fare away, but still so close.

So close in fact that its my second time here this year.

Is it a city you just cant get enough of? Please please tell me.


Three days

Three days is nothing, and three days with the traveling is even lesser.

Three days is what I will have in London, this time around. THREE DAYS.
That is absolutely nothin, nothing I tell you.

I have been in London before, but there is still so much to see, so much to do. And therefor are a lot of my time used to checking out maps, whit what do I want to do this time.

Have will I get to do everything I want to????

The days don’t have enough hours in them, I do not get to do everything, so have do I pick what I want to do now, and what I can do next time. The big problem is that, the more times I’m in London, the more I learn about London. And the more it is so see down there.

So I go from one web page to the other and back and fort to the tube map. That is close, what is fare away, if I do this what is closes to this place and so on and so on.

Luckily is it just a few weeks till I’m going because I changes my mind ten times a day. So luckily I will at list remember where some of the places I want to visit are and that I want get lost.

And I hope I will remember to by the one thing my uncle want for his birthday.


But I LOVE it.

Can’t wait to go. I even have a count down, on my cell and the colander on work. LOL!


My summer

What has been the best of this summer???

Well that´s a tough one. There has been so much good things about it.

One of my best-friends got married. I want to Italy for the first time. Boat trip with my Grandma. Long Summers night with friends. The beach. I was in Kristiansand, at ZOO there. Loved it, and in a weird way I think that was my favorite thing this summer.


Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

Tiger at Kristiansand Zoo

Because I have never been there before, and when I was little I so wanted to go there. It´s an amazing zoo the biggest in Norway and is the second most visited place in Norway by tourists.
Beside this amazing Zoo, there is also some stories that comes a live there.

Kardemomme By in Kristiansand Zoo

Kardemomme By in Kristiansand Zoo

You can visit Kardemome by, one of my favorite stories growing up. I can still remember my Grandma reading that story to, and that on Saturdays at 18:00 my brother, cousin and I watch it on TV. So seeing that houses, and the story come alive around me was great fun.

The Black Lady

Captain Sabertooth´s boat.

But what I can really remember and was the biggest by fare was Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann) the night show. I can’t remember the first time I wanted to see it. It´s something that every child in where I did grow up wanted to see. And I know, I know, I know, I´m not a child anymore, but I have never gown out of it.
It was just a really great childhood dream coming true this summer, and I enjoyed it really much.

So yeah that has to be my favorite this year. Not saying that Italy wasn´t great or that any of the other things was bad. But this trip with my mom, sister and her boy-friend was just something I can remember that I always wanted to do.

That is a bit of my summer. Or at list about my favorite thing this summer. And just so you know, its getting colder here. So the winter is just around the corner for me. Brrrrr. Can almost feel it.

So to help me worm up, can´t you tell me about your favorite anything that has to do with summer??
Please, Pretty please!!


Italy! Milan!

Don´t really know what happened. One minute I think am going to Paris, but the next I got plane tickets and a hotel room in Milan.

Not that I´m disappointed that I´m going to Milan, Italy. Because I´m really not. Can´t wait in fact. It´s just that I was so sat on finely getting to see Paris. Maybe next year.

I was all for going to Paris with my sister this summer, but after talking to her and some other people that changed. Summer, sun, big city and shopping was what we suddenly was going for and then Milan was what we ended up with.

The only problem is that I know next to nothing about Milan, because if I was going to Italy I always thought I would go to Rome.

So now I have a hole lot of googling to do. I know that the hotel is not far from Dome, and from what I hear that is a good location. So here’s to hoping that it´s true.

There a little more than a month to I´m packing my bag and passport again.
Truly can’t wait.

So I can´t wait for my first meeting with Italy, but my first meeting with France has to wait.

Have you ever been to Italy?