Hunger Games

Harry Potter is done, twilight is done, so now it´s all about Hunger Games.


The first movie is over and done, so now am I waiting for Catching Fire. So when I so this title on YouTube I just had to watch;
Hunger Games; Catching Fire Promo Trailer

But that was a waste of time. Just look for your self:

What do you think?



Team Twilight

My sister and I am going to the twilight marathon next week. My guess is that next week the team fight will start-up again.

Team Edward


Team Jacob 

I´m team Edward always has been and always will be. My sister is Team Jacob. She is Team Jacob because of Taylor Lautner, I´m Team Edward because of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I will not lie and say that I don´t like the way Robert Pattinson looks and that when I read the twilights books now that I don´t see him as Edward. But if Taylor would have been Edward and Robert been Jacob, I would still have been on Team Edward my sister would not then been Team Jacob.

I´m Team Edward because of have Stephenie Meyer poetry Edward Cullen in the twilight saga and no actor could ever changes that.
My sister not so much, there it´s more Team Taylor.

Witch is okay for me, but when we discos or have the team fight we don´t see eye to eye on anything. But we are sisters and sisters fight, right?

My sister sent me this picture to-day, which is telling me that the “fight” will soon begin.

I had to laugh when I so it, what more can I do. I love my sister.

She´s the cuts ever. No one over, or under, or a side of her. She is the one and only!

*LovE to her and LovE to you*



I have the tickets to go and see all the Twilight movies the 15 november. The night will end with the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn Part 2. I can´t wait to go and see them all.

All the film that are out on DVD are in my DVD collection so I could have just seen them at home before the midnight premier, but it is something special about seeing it on the big screen.


Can´t wait to see them all, but I have to say that I´m really really looking forward to see breaking dawn part 2.

So are you going to see breaking dawn part 2?


Snow White and the Huntsman

The first time I read about this move I was like, that can´t be good. But I always give things a change. Sometimes I get burn, and sometimes I gets a pleasant surprise. I think this time that I will be surprised. This is just based on the trailers. So there is still a changes that I will get burned.

Have you seen the trailer? If you haven´t then you can do so now.


I don´t know when I will see it yet, but I will see it. Will you?

Snow White are being played by Kristen Stewart. She is an actress I can’t decide if I like or not, or maybe it´s the movies she´s in that I don´t know if I like or not. So yes she is Bella Swan and I´m a huge twilight fan, but I like the books so much more than the movies. That has nothing to do with Kristen Stewart, it´s just more in the books then there is in the movies. Something that´s not weird. So I have seen a lot of Kristen Stewart´s movies, some of them on YouTube because I live in Norway and some movies just don´t come here. Not weird seeing that all our movies do not go out everywhere ether. I think that Kristen plays a lot of weird parts. In some movies I don´t like her character , in others I don´t like the movie at all. So that can have a lot to do with why I can´t decide if I like her or not. So I have an open mine. Maybe this will be the movie that makes me decide.

One thing this movie has is Eye candy. Chris Hemsworth are most known as Thor, from the movie with the same name. I and my friends are all agree (for once) the he are HOT. Not that  it´s what it´s all about. I have to say that I love him as Thor, the God from Norse mythology. Even if the movie is not correct after the stories from Norse  mythology (that´s the movie I learned that my name should be Sif. LOL.) And have to say that I liked him in the same role in The Avengers.

I have to say that I have not notes the other actors and actresses in this movie before. So it will be fun to see. Charlize Theron seems like an actress I should have notes before, but maybe I just haven´t seen any of her movies.

So tell me are you going to see the movie, or have you seen it?
And what do you think about the actors and actresses that are in the movie? 

By the way if you, like me live in Norway, well then we have to wait for June 8th. 

Best Kiss

Every year at different movie awards has the award Best Kiss.

MTV has at list that award. I have always thought that is a weird thing to vote on. Because I have always thought that kissing looks kind of weird on TV and a good kiss is not in the way it looks, but in the way it feels.
And even if we want to think that we know how Edward kisses Bella, or Katniss kisses Peeta. Or maybe your dream kiss is the one between Ron and Hermione.


I have voted like so many els, but I have to say that it´s not the kiss that I have voted on, I voted more on the movie.

I´m more like the one that turns away when people kiss, because it´s kind of private. It´s this thing that those two people share, and I don´t want to impose. Some people might think that I´m a proud because of it, and that´s not true at all. There´s just  something about kissing, that I think is private.

But maybe that´s just me.

So what are you looking at when you are “judging” a kiss?