Day three

So I forgot to post yesterday.

Day three of my fall vacation did I spend with my Uncle and brother.
We didn’t do much we just talked and hung out together.


Then it was time for me to go home. I hadn’t been home since Sunday.
At home the Glossybox was waiting on me. That always brighten up my day!

Watch some movies after that and before bedtime.

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!



Day One

It Monday and week 40 has just started, with that start did also my fall vacation start.

Since I don’t have any “big” plans I went to the cinema today. I was planning to see Inside out, but I missed my bus so that did not happen.


So I did not get to see Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness.

Therefore did I break a promise to myself. I had promised to not see Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, at list not before I was finished read the book and before I have seen the first movie.


I’m still reading the book, mostly because I don’t get the last pages from the book to go with the film.
That’s why I’m still reading right after I seen the film and not waiting a bit to let the movie sink in.

Have you seen the movie?
And if you have what did you think?


One more year!!!

So life goes on, and I’m all of the sudden 29 years old. That means that I only have one more year to do all the things I want to do before I’m 30 year-old.

Luckily I have never really set a timer on anything.

So I only have to do all the things that can’t be done when you no longer is in your twentys. LOL.

But than again I have never been good at not doing what I want.

There is this one thing that I really want to do before I’m thirty, that is going to Paris.  So that is one of the things I’m doing this summer.
To say that I’m excited is an understatement. Can’t wait to go.
My summer vacation can’t come here fast enough!!!

Now I’m of to bead. Hope you all have had an awesome day!!!



Happy vacation

Summer is here, at list a courting to the calendar and that´s mean that summer vacation times here. Starting to-day for me, and well just not yet there is still a few more hours. Not that I have been at work this week, doctors order. But still there is four weeks till next time I going to work and that´s good.

So here’s to hope that the summer weather comes soon to.

Each year we get a little gift from my work place before the summer. This year did we get a water bottle. So here’s hoping for some warm weather so I can use it.

So Fresenius Kabi Halden thank you so much for the gift.


Dreaming about traveling

I love traveling and love dreaming about it. The sad part is that I dream of it more than I actually get to travel. I have not been many places around the world, but I have been to some and more lies ahead.

Right now I just long to get to travel to London, and has everything planed.

But I also dream about going to Paris this summer. A friend of mine asked if we should travel there, and then changed her mind. I how ever has not. I dream about going there, see the Eiffel Tower,  Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Museé du Louvre and so so much more.

So when I´m coming home from London and if I haven´t used all my money there and I will see if there are enough money to actually go there and yes then by my self. I mean why not?

I live by my self, has friends that are working when I have vacation so they will watch my apartment. My brother even asked if he could use my apartment when I was away, so I don´t have to think about that.

So maybe one more dream will come true this summer.
Have I love that idea.

Where would you like to travel?
Me? Every where, the smallest places to the biggest, in Norway, Europe and the rest of the world.  


Here will I be staying

This is the hotel I will be staying at when I are going to London this summer. There is not many days left before I go and I can´t wait. I fall in love with England the first time I was there and when I was there two summers ago I fall even dipper. So lets hope that I wont fall even more now. Because if I do I might not leave.

It´s hard not to be charmed by London. Charmed by everything that happens there, by all the things that you can do. It´s just so different then what I´m just to. And I love it.

What do you think about London?


The weekends here

The weekends here the two days in the week most people look forward to in the week. Because then you can just be home and relax or do the things you haven´t had the time to do earlier in the week. Most people have free in the weekends.

I don´t have that. I have to work and this weekend are work weekend. Not complaining, because it has it´s perks to work weekends. Were I work we have every fifth week completely free. And that´s good. So working a weekend here and there then are just a minor detail.

You can travel with out using vacation time. Just  relax if you want. Yeah just about everything you want to do. A week are long enough to do just about everything. So having a free week every fifth week are heaven.

So every time I think “I hate working weekends” I just think about all the fun I can du when I have my free week. Last free week I traveled to Kiel, Germany. So yeah it has it´s perks to work weekends, it really have.

So what are you doing this weekend?