Sleigh Ride

I’m a all thing Christmas lover and christmas song or carrols are no ecxeptions. I love them all!

So when I come by Miley Cyrus singing Sleigh Ride with Bill Murray I just have to share it with you guys.

I have never been a big Miley fan or a Miley hater. Like that she dare to be different, but at times I think she is taking it a bit to far. But she is young and trying to find herself just like everyone has once upon a time.

But back to the Christmas of thing. I really like this song and I really like this verson of the song. So therefor I hope you like it as well.




London By Me

I can`t wait to travel, as I`m sure you know. Well if you didn`t then you know now.

So I had a little time on my hand a few days ago and made a little video of picture I had taking when I have been in London. A little London by me movie. I posted it on YouTube last night and I want to share it with you. So here it is.

Hope you like it.

*Sending my love your way*

Everything Has Changed

I`m more a fan of Taylor Swifts more upbeat songs. Songs like, I knew you were trouble , We are never getting back together and Stay stay stay.
It´s has nothing to do that the slower song are bad or anything, its´s just who I am. I like songs I can dance to, songs that I kind of gets happy about listening to. So there is nothing wrong with Everything has changedit will just never be my favorite. 

But I really like to music video and that is the reason I´m sharing it with you.
It´s just so dame cute.

Do you like the video?



22 by Taylor Swift

Ok so the “new” Taylor Swift video 22 are out, and have been out for almost a month now.

Have you seen it?

If not here it is.

I like that she is back to a more “classic” Taylor Swift style. I did´t like her video I Knew You Were Trouble. Love to song, “hated” the video.
Here it´s more a Love/Love thing.

I get that she wanted to try something new with I Knew You Were Trouble, but I have to say that in my eyes she tried and failed. So I´m so happy that this video are more her regular style. The style I really like that she does, it´s a style that I think fit her perfectly.

What do you think?



Kiss You by One Direction

My new work-out song.

I have this one thing in one of my work-out routines where I work against the clock. When I do that it´s important that I have a song with a good rhythm and it usually goes on repeat to I´m done. The goal is to do the routine faster every time. But enough about that.

The new song I´m using is Kiss You by One Direction. I needed to change song. If I have one song to long it want help any more.

So any way here’s the song if you have not heard it before, or if you want to hear it again.


Live While We´re Young

I´m not really a fan of One Direction, but I like this song. Think the only reason is that it´s a summer song and I love the summer. And there has not been a summer this year. Well there has been a summer, but not any good summer weather. The sun has been hidden behind clouds.

So hearing and seeing this music video, takes me to last summer and sunny weather. Lovely. Just what I need to get thru the Norwegian winters.

If have not seen it, well then you just have to see it. And you will see what I mean with it being a summer song.


One word

It´s one word I try to never us and that is hate. Hate this or hate that. Why us your energi on hating something when you can us it loving something els.

But sometimes I can´t help my self. There is this one thing that I hate. I truly mean it. It´s not anything I can do with it, well I can move. But then I have to move out of Norway, and I don´t think that´s a thing I want to do and not because of this.

Now you could be wondering what this thing is, or you couldn´t care less.

I will go with the “your wondering part” or els I could just stop writhing right now.
So here the thing. You are on YouTube or any other placeses that has movies you can watch. It starts to loaded and when something happen you get this:




"The owner has made this video anavailable for your country. Sorry."

“The owner has made this video anavailable for your country. Sorry.”




I just hate this. So times I just wish I could kick someone or something when this happens. I´m sorry but SORRY dose not cut it. I get why it´s like that. But just because I get it dosen´t mean I have to like it, as I said I hate it. I really really do. Then again, I guess it´s life. I live where I live and I´m fin with that, I just don´t like when I get stuff like that.

Have you ever gotten one of this, or any other version of this?


(even if this was about a little hate)