We Are Never Ever Getting Back together

So guess what, IT`S STILL STUCK!!

I mean seriously it´s not the worst song to have stuck in your head, but it´s just that it´s been stuck for weeks. Seriously WEEKS. And it has just started to get played on the radio her home in Norway, so it´s not like I´m never going to hear it again. I just wish that I could get it out of my head and be happy when I heat it. Because I do like it.

The weird thing is that I have this childish song that when I start singing will get every other song out and the childish one gets stuck. It´s kind of my go to song(it has a dance and everything), but it wont work at all now. And that has never ever not worked before.

So I still go around and sing on the same line as I did over a week ago.

“You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me. But we are never ever ever ever getting back together.”

So as last time I will share it with you. And I hope it get stuck in your head as well. Just because I´m that nice. LOL.
Last time it was the lyric version, this time it´s the music video.

So getter around everybody because her comes
Taylor Swift and she is singing We Are Never Getting Back Together.



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